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What We Offer

Exploring Opportunities in Asia: Readiness Questionnaire

Access Asia's Export Readiness Questionnaire saves you time and money by establishing your current level of preparation for entering the Asian market.

Your on-screen results accurately rate your current level of preparation in vital areas, providing a clear picture of where you are in relation to your goals and the demands of the market.

The report shows you where more research or learning is required, and guides you to reliable sources of information or training to fill gaps in knowledge or skill.

Whether you are already doing business in Asia or still in the planning stages, a process check will help you to find out where you stand in your export strategy, minimise anxiety, calibrate risk, and build confidence.
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Intercultural coaching

Access Asia can help on an as-needed basis with such issues as:

  • choosing a business partner
  • building effective relationships
  • contract negotiation
  • creating a new project team
  • conflict resolution
  • preparing a presentation
  • introducing and managing change

The aim is to create a skill set that is portable across cultures at the same time that it responds to current issues.

Other services include country briefings, introductions to key contacts in your targeted region and market sector, and timing your market entry.



Cultural Detective: New Zealand

Adapting smoothly and comfortably to other cultures is essential to succeed in today's economic reality. The Cultural Detective method teaches you how to discover connections and quickly grasp the critical insights into any culture. Once you understand the core values, everything that people do on the surface starts to make sense.

A culture's core values is an invisible framework that lies beneath a confusing multitude of surface details. What we experience on the surface is "visible" culture: like the fruit of the apple tree, it conceals a coded pattern of information about its past. Deep in the core, the apple seeds hold this information; they are the promise of its future.

The Cultural Detective™ approach develops three competencies:

  • the ability to better understand the core values of one's own culture
  • the skills to more accurately predict and interpret the needs and motives of people from other cultures
  • the competence to leverage differences for mutual satisfaction.

The approach also encourages practical strategies for better collaboration across cultures--the building of "cultural bridges".

Core values training is a powerful blend of psychology, cultural anthropology and advanced learning techniques with the practical focus of identifying the hidden cultural forces and emotional roots of opinions and behaviours.  The process illuminates the unspoken, often unconscious needs that determine how a culture will behave and react towards a specific concept, service or product.  

Understanding the core values of a culture provides a solid foundation for product design and improved marketing and communications strategies.

 What distinguishes Access Asia's core values training is the ability to quickly grasp the cultural context, particularly the environment and the prevailing attitudes. The information is useful to position products correctly; it prevents potentially costly errors in judgment.

Training materials may be purchased off the website as a stand-alone package; we can add value by either training in-house facilitators, or leading programs with cases that we develop to mirror your specific situation. Either way, it's a minimum half-day of highly stimulating learning that can be expanded to a full day. To view, go to www.culturaldetective.com


Seminars for Business


Entering the Asian Mindset

This fast-paced, interactive seminar addresses issues of culture and strategy critical to establishing and maintaining a business presence in Asia. It provides valuable insights into Asian patterns of thought and behaviour that help to build confidence in business and social transactions.

A blend of tactical and strategic information, traditional culture wisdom, and the contemporary issues facing companies doing business in the region, the course content goes well beyond the "outer game" of protocol, providing deep insights into Chinese mental software and the "inner game" of business.

Access Asia programs draw from a range of disciplines and sources to reveal the hidden cultural forces that determine the way people behave toward a product, service or concept.

We provide you with tools to understand and interpret what you observe in the multi-cultural world: both in your own culture, and in those that you must successfully interface with at home and abroad. Here's what participants say about our programs:

"The depth of insight and the level of detail takes you quickly into the world of the other."

"Watson's approach delves into issues that are seldom addressed in conventional training sessions. His course is like a journey into the Chinese mind."

"Extremely valuable. The course has given me a foundation for understanding a cultural mindset."

"I left with a new appreciation of the Chinese, and I now think of them in an entirely different way. The process of contrasting cultures at the values level made them both snap into sharp focus for me, and I now understand why we think and behave differently."

The learning process continues long after the training ends.

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