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The Source of Core Values

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What is Culture?
The Source of Core Values
New Zealand Values
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"The human nature of people is similar."

Where do our our core values come from? We all carry within us patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour that were mostly learned in childhood. This software of the mind can be represented in a three-tiered structure:

  • the deepest layer of the structure is "human nature", what we have in common with the rest of humanity, our inherited biological nature. In our mental software, it's the operating system. It's where our basic physical and psychological functioning lives. However, what we do with it is modified by culture.
  • the cultural layer is our learned feeling response to our environment, that which we share in common with others of our culture
  • the personality layer is both inherited and learned; it is our unique script, the way we integrate and express the core values of our culture.

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