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Understanding The Asian Market

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What is Culture?
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All cultures have a visible "outer game" that includes understanding protocol and formalities, respecting the local customs, of dress, mannerisms, etc. Knowing the outer game is your key to successful entry into a culture.

There is also an "inner game" that that is more difficult to understand because it is based on deeply embedded core values, and operates beneath the radar. Mapping this inner game is your key to navigating in a culture.

Cultural values are hardwired into our mental software. The amazing changes we have witnessed in China in a relatively short period of time have been to externals, i.e. to their visible culture. However, core values that are deeply imprinted in people's minds--passed on from parents to children by each generation--are seldom challenged. Understanding them provides deep insights into all aspects of business relations with that culture: product development, marketing, and communication strategies. 

Once you understand the core values of a culture, chances of achieving your goals are greatly increased. Knowing their inner game builds confidence and assures consistent results in any commercial endeavour, because your strategy will resonate with the core values of that culture.

The outer game of business is about value creation and relationship building; the inner game is building synergy across cultures through highly effective interpersonal relations

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