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Cultural Detective –
New Zealand

Combining research about the Kiwi national character with a collection of critical incidents that illustrate values-level clashes with other cultures, Cultural Detective: New Zealand™ decodes Kiwi culture for the world of global commerce.

Co-authored by Access Asia Director Bill Watson and colleague Taruni Falconer, Cultural Detective: New Zealand™ is one of 27 cultures currently available in the Cultural Detective series. <more...>
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Export Readiness Questionnaire

Free self-assessment rates your current level of preparation for entering Asian markets. Results clearly show where to focus your energy to optimise your export strategy. More than 30 New Zealand companies across a spectrum of products and services have completed Access Asia 's Export Readiness Questionnaire this year. <more...>
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Bridging a world of difference.


We provide a personalised service that assists our clients to—

  • determine their level of commercial and cultural readiness to do business in Asia
  • evaluate and select a strategic partner
  • negotiate more confidently and successfully with Asian business leaders
  • identify trends and spot emergent business opportunities
  • fast-track market entry
  • develop an emotional connection to a culture

We are the premium provider of practical, timely and relevant advice to New Zealanders doing business in Asia.

For more information, contact us.

Access Asia ... a New Zealand-based consultancy providing strategic and intercultural support for enterprises venturing in Asian countries. Our team of advisors have rich and varied professional experience in twelve Asian countries, including China, Japan, Korea, and India. We also have run SMEs in New Zealand doing business in Asia, so we know the challenges you are facing!

There is often anxiety about doing business in another culture. Our aim is to replace that with confidence, based on a new understanding of the core values and emotional needs that dominate the market you are entering.

Our mission is strengthening your competitive advantage

through cultural awareness and strategic insight.

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